Terms of Use

The terms of use define the service use condition which Tsukagoshi Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") provides on this website (hereinafter referred to as "the site"). All users need to use the site in accordance with the terms of use.

Article 1. [Services]
  1. To use the site, the user needs to access the website. However, the user shall prepare devices, software, communication tools etc., which are needed for their own costs and responsibilities and connect and operate them properly.
  2. On the site, the company provides information or sales regarding the company's services. However, this information may be changed or deleted, or various services may be added in the future.
  3. The company does not guarantee the services which are provided or accompanying services on the site. In addition, the company does not take any responsibility for the damage to the users, caused by the service uncertainties or suspension of the services which the company provides. For more details, please refer to the "Disclaimer Matters".
Article 2. [Handling of Personal Information]
The company treats the user's provided personal information carefully such as name, email address, address, telephone number etc., for use of the site in accordance with "Privacy Policy" which is separately defined.
Article 3. [Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyrights etc.]
Programs, Product photos and any other intellectual property rights on the site belong to the company. The user can use the concerned information only for private purposes. However, the user cannot use them (including duplication, transmission, transferring, secondary use etc.) without the company permission beyond the purposes.
Article 4. [Prohibited Matters]
1. The company prohibits the following user acts:
  1. Any acts to damage the company or a third party, or possible acts to damage them.
  2. Any acts to infringe on the company or a third party's property, honor, privacy etc., or possible acts to infringe on them.
  3. Any acts to offend public order and morals, or possible acts to offend them.
  4. Any acts to give a false declaration or a notification such as other email address etc.
  5. Any acts to use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses etc.
  6. Any acts to send junk emails or an email newsletter etc. in a unilateral way.
  7. Any other acts to violate laws and regulations, or these possible acts.
  8. Any other acts if the company judges them inappropriate.
2. If the user violates above items, the company can claim for the damage towards the user, and the user agrees with it.
Article 5. [Disclaimer Matters]
  1. The company makes all the information posted on the site and manages it carefully. However, the company cannot guarantee any accuracy and completeness of it.
  2. The company may suspend or cancel site operations or change all information or part of it which is posted on the site without notice.
  3. The company does not take any responsibility regarding any caused damage, because the user uses the site, or cannot use it due to some reason, or because a third party writes data, unauthorized access, comments, or transmissions of emails etc.
Article 6. [Claim of Damage]
If the user violates the terms of use, the user will bear the claim of the damage which occurred to the company.
Article 7. [Court of Jurisdiction]
If the case is disputed in the court, the Kyoto District Court is an exclusive jurisdiction court of first instance.
Article 8. [Special Exceptions]
1. The special terms may be provided separately in accordance with the terms for some cases.
2. If there are contradictory terms against the terms on each service explanation page, the terms on the service explanation page are applicable.