We take pride in offering service for packing for delicate cargo such as precision instruments or works of art etc. which cannot be damaged in any way. Our experts provide packing solutions for all kinds of cargo for our customers.

Our Main Packing Experiences

Precision instruments, medical devices, industrial equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical diagnostic instruments, gas measuring devices, secondhand machinery, test equipment, X-ray equipment, lighting equipment, control panels, batteries, machinery parts, car parts, industrial products, washers, panels, films, aluminum boards, art work etc.

Types of Packages

Reinforced cardboard boxes packing: several layered cardboard boxes which have more durability and strength than general cardboard boxes. The strength is equivalent to wooden boxes, and has good water resistance.
Wooden case packing: a general wooden case which is fully covered. It's good for heavy cargo or large equipment etc.
Crate packing: it's suitable for cargo which doesn't require waterproofing, or need only partial protection.
Vacuum packing (Barrier packing): vacuum packing is provided as a counter measure for humidity for sea freight.

  • Our entitled staff design safe and reliable packages.
    Our skilled staffs will take care of packing operations for various types of special cargos. They are well-experienced and certified as packing supervisors and first-class industrial packing skilled professionals. Our staff consider various characteristics such as the cargo features, means of transportation, situations at destinations etc., to decide your package designs.
  • Packaging in accordance with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).
    We design our packages based on JIS (JIS Z 1402/JIS Z 1403) and with strength calculations.
  • We have approx. 50 years' experience.
    Approx. 50 years have gone by since we started our packing services. We take pride in our services for delicate goods such as precision equipment and art work etc. We have various experience and have won the acclaim of our customers.