A few decades have passed since we started our outsourcing service and we have been providing our services specializing in manufacturing and logistics. With our years of experience and expertise, we support our customers' businesses in a wide range of fields.

With the increasing competition in the market in recent years, a company must focus on its core business in order to prevail. By entrusting incidental work to specialists, we can see improvements in quality and production, and hope to maximize profits.

Our Services
  • Manufacturing
    We have operating experience in various processes of the manufacturing business. We are capable of supporting operations in various stages of the manufacturing process, such as Manufacturing / Assembling / Quality Control / All types of testing / Packing / Shipping / Machine Maintenance etc. We will improve productivity through our detailed research, analysis and improvements in our operations.
  • Logistics
    We will supervise and manage various logistics processes within factories including transport/sorting/picking/supply/inventory, etc. of parts and products on our customers' behalf, as well as any necessary processes of
    logistics such as transport/loading and unloading.
    We welcome partial and complete contracts. We respond to the 3PL(Third Party Logistics) which is the total outsourcing service of your logistics department. We will approach planning logistics strategies from your perspective and promise efficiency and cost reductions.
  • Other services
    We have experience in other services such as operations in cleanrooms, office work within factories, and administrative work. We will support the improvement of the quality and efficiency of your work by responding to a wide range of business fields.

What we do to make "Safety", "Trust" and "High-Quality" possible.
To establish environments to earn the trust of our customers and our employees, we work on the following various activities.

1) Quality control training: our original training specialized in quality by looking at photos and finding errors.
2) Making manuals: we make manuals which anyone can understand. This can prevent differences in the quality, and useful for the education of our new employees.
3) Checking with operating procedures: regular checking on site is carried out based on the operating procedures manual by quality control managers.
4) Safety checks: regular checks are carried out to confirm to confirm there are no oversights.

To ensure the unity of our employees'skills, we take training seriously. We train our employees to perform at their most to be an essential asset for our customers.

- chart -
Training Planning : We plan training schedules for new employees/ beginners.
Manual Guidance : Based on the manual, the person in charge will guide new employees/beginners thoroughly.
Self Diagnosis : After being able to carry out general procedures on their own, a self diagnosis check is held. They pass only when they fully comprehend the procedures.
Manager Diagnosis : The trainer and the leader will check for the operators'
accuracy and smoothness.
Comprehension Test : We conduct tests for comprehension. The test will be
repeated until full marks are achieved, and only after this are operators given permission to work independently.

The 5S Activity and the Improvement Activities
Through an analysis of your present condition and issues, we can present
you with the most suitable improvement plan based on our knowledge
and experience. This will benefit not just one step of the procedure, but
your quality/production/safety as a whole.

Implementing our service experience
Customer Number of personnel Services
A major battery manufacturer Operating control managers: 17 people
Operators: Approx. 220 people
The customer uses our outsourcing service for most of the procedures relative to Logistics such as manufacturing, analysis, packing, protection of machines, warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, office work, quality control, improvement of operating etc. in our customer's factories.
A major semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer Operating control managers: 4 people
Operators: Approx. 30 people

The customer uses our outsourcing service for the packing process at the customer's factories, and the cleaning operation of semiconductor equipments the clean room.

A major precision processing equipment manufacturer Operating control managers: 1 person
Operators: 4 people
The customer uses our outsourcing service for packing to ship out at the customer's factories.
A major beverage manufacturer Operating control managers: 1 person
Operators: 9 to 14 people
The customer uses our outsourcing service for packing at the manufacturing lines at the customer's factories. We provide personnel only for a short period when our customer is in a particularly busy period.