International Logistics

We will comply with tasks that are incidental to the services with care, such as making shipping documents, and will execute services relative to international logistics such as means of transportation, packing specifications, routes and schedules in detail. As an International Logistics professional, we can provide the best way of transportation for your cargo as your demand.

Packing / Making shipping documents / Arrangement of Ocean and Air freight / Truck arrangement to pick up cargo / Loading cargo on to a truck / Export customs clearance

Making shipping documents / Arrangement of Ocean and Air freight / Import customs clearance / Truck arrangement to deliver cargo / Unloading cargo from a trucks

  • We provide you with the best plan for transportation and packaging.
    Our experts in the area of customs clearance continue to obtain information from overseas on a daily basis to provide the most suitable transportation plans for your cargo and destination countries/areas. We also have our own packing services. We can respond to your detailed requirements to perfectly pack your cargo.
  • We can handle Dangerous goods.
    We have experts who have international qualifications for handling dangerous goods (IATA/DIPLOMA) for air freight and have certifications from training courses of dangerous goods regulations for sea freight. Please feel free to contact us about packing and customs clearance for your dangerous goods.