Loading / Unloading, Installation

We provide our services with confidence in loading/unloading, installation, disassembling/assembling in clean rooms of manufacturing factories, for manufacturing equipment of semiconductors/flat panel displays (FPD), medical devices, precision equipment such as weighing and packing machines etc. We have met demands from customers and cleared conditions of their strict operating process control at each of the factories. We also take measures of temperature changes, vibrancy, dust, or static electricity. The engineers from top world manufacturers have praised our work. We provide you with top quality worldwide services.

Our Services
  • Loading/Unloading:

    We will provide you with our all-in-one service of disassembling, loading, transportation, unloading, installation and assembling for precision equipment or complete production lines. We can also provide clean packing, loading/unloading by using cranes/gondolas or forklifts.

  • Relocation:

    We provide you with relocation operations in your factories or within the area. We will collect waste with some exceptions which were produced during loading/unloading or relocation. We can support your overhaul etc. at the same time of relocation. Please also consult us about temporary storage of facilities and equipment for relocation.

  • Hard drive destruction services:

    We provide a physical service to avoid information leakage by making 4 holes on hard drive recording mediums using a special device. We can remove hard drives out of servers or PCs. We can also bring the special device in to destroy the hard drives on site.

  • Our Employees Education:
    We implement internal training workshops to eradicate product accidents through obtaining a certification of OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). Our experts for loading/unloading operations who have extensive experience and high skills can provide you with safe services.
  • Experienced skills:
    We have experience in operations in important factories and our customers fully trust us with our work. We have adopted the concept of a "server relocation agency" for server relocation services when data centers were not generally well-known.
  • Certification:
    We hold certifications in loading/unloading operations. Our managers in factories hold important certifications of foreman training. We can also respond to obtaining licenses for each factory.