Privacy Policy

  1. The company handles customer's personal information which the company has obtained from the customer through email or contact filling in forms on the company website in accordance with the privacy policy.
  2. The company, in the event of obtaining, holding, using and disclosure of the customer's personal information, shall take care in order not to cause any loss of the customer's rights and interests. Normally, the customer, may visit the company's website without disclosing personal information, so the customer's personal information may not be collected by only referring to the website.
  3. The company, regarding obtaining the customer's personal information, shall take proper safety measures to prevent a leak, loss, damage, or unauthorized access to the customer's personal information.
  4. The company uses the customer's personal information only in a necessary range to achieve the following objectives:
    (1) The contract performance agreed between the customer and the company.
    (2) For sending information about coming-up events etc. for the customer.
  5. The company shall not provide the customer's personal information to a third party, unless the company obtained advanced agreement by the customer. However, only in the event of the following cases, the company may provide the customer's personal information to a third party, without obtaining the customer's advanced agreement:
    (1) When it is based on the provision of laws and regulations.
    (2) When it is needed to protect human life, body, or property, and when it is difficult to obtain the customer's agreement.
    (3) When the state organs, local governments or the person who has been entrusted with it need to cooperate in order to perform operations provided by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility to violate the carrying out of the above operations by obtaining the customer's agreement.
  6. If an indiv idual privacy policy is shown in the indiv idual contents, or if it links to the contents to show it, the concerned privacy policy will be prior.
  7. The company continuously reviews the contents of the privacy policy and improves it, in accordance with laws and regulation about the customer's personal information handling and any other rules.
  8. Please contact us at for the privacy policy.