Company History

1910 December Tsukajiro Tsukagoshi founded his transport business with horse-drawn carriages at Umekoji station (currently Umekoji park).
1928 March Contracted as an exclusive handling cargos provider for Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd.(former name) and organized personnel for the services of warehouse cargo handling, carrying cargo on site and loading/unloading.
1954 December Shigetsugu Tsukagoshi assumed the position of President.
Established Tsukagoshi Transport Shop.
1962 May Ryuzo Tsukagoshi was assumed the position of President.
  November Founded Kinki Service Co.,Ltd.
1970 July Opened Nagoya office.
1973 April Opened Yokooji office equipped with packing/storage functions.
1974 March Opened Kamitoba office equipped with packing/storage functions.
1977 May Participated in the management of the large water treatment equipment manufacturer, Daiki Industries Co., Ltd.
1980 August Opened Gunma branch.
1984 April Established Tokyo Tsukagoshi Transport Co.,Ltd and started transport services to link Kanto region and Kansai region.
1985 April Established a new warehouse (which is currently Tsukagoshi Logistics Center) at Kamitoba.
  July Established Tsukagoshi Service Co.,Ltd. which specializes in the ancillary
services of logistics.
1986 April Miyoko Tsukagoshi assumed the position of President.
1989 April Opened Shiga office.
1994 March Opened Kuzebashi office.
  April Installed the AGM (an automatic carton former) at Yokooji office and started reinforced carton boxes services.
  May Obtained the license for Bonded warehouses at Kamitoba office and established an International department.
1997 December Became the first company to obtain the certification of ISO 9000 among transport business providers in the Kinki region.
1999 September At the time the Dainippon Screen Mfg.Co.,Ltd. (former name) was established, we opened the Kohoku office (Taga) on their site.
2001 August Opened Narita office equipped with large temperature controlled warehouses.
2003 March Established Sun Partner Co.,Ltd. to enter into temporary staffing and recruiting businesses.
  April Registered the warehousing business.
  September Opened Kohoku office (Hikone).
2004 November Opened Kurume office.
2005 January Obtained the license for customs clearance services. Customs Clearance services.
2007 October We obtained the certification of ISO 14001.
2008 April We got into the women support project. Women support project.
2009 December Obtained the certification of OHSAS 18001.
2010 January Transferred the Nagoya office to Komaki-city.
Began cooperation in the NetDepot business.
  December 100th anniversary
Tokyo office was opened.
2011 January Miyoko Tsukagoshi became chairwoman, Tomoyuki Tsukagoshi became president
  May Changed the group name to Tsukagoshi group
  November Set up a new refueling facilities at Kamitoba office and Shiga Office.
2012 April Opened Kohoku office.
2013 June Received the Kyoto Long-establishment award.
  August Became the first company in Kyoto to be certified with ISO 39001.
  October Jujo Warehouse Opened Jujo warehouse.
  December Obtained all shares of MS Logistics Co., Ltd. in Higashi Omi city, Shiga to be our subsidiary.
2014 April Tsukagoshi Service Co., Ltd. was certified as a good and proper contract manufacturing business.
  June Obtained all shares of Sayama Traffic Co., Ltd. in Mitaka, Tokyo to be our subsidiary.
2015 March We merged with Sayama Traffic Co., Ltd.
2016 March Opened Hiroshima local office.